Friday, 21 March 2008

Weird Things About Me This Pregnancy

I crave Oreos. I don't eat them.

I crave broccoli. I eat that a lot. Mmmmmm. Sauteed in butter with lemon (or lime) juice and pepper until caramellized. Oh. So. Good.

I have taken to wearing my clothes inside out. Seams and tags are itchy. Tags can be yanked out, seams, not so much.

Toilet paper? If planning a pregnancy, the amount of paper products budgeted for should double or triple. Between congested nose and frequent potty trips.....oh so much more trees killed. I did start using a cloth handkerchief for my nose, BTW.

This baby kicks and squirms much more than I remember Lil'Bug doing. All the time. Sometimes it is painful. That's ok, since I can change positions to lessen the "discomfort".....

Advice: Check the Girl Scout Calendar and avoid all girl scouts while pregnant. Especially if prone to rapid weight gain or gestation diabetes. Samoas do not last in my proximity. Oh right, it's my tot, not me......

Gap jeans (my one pair) are awesome. I really need to have something else to wear so I can wash them sometimes.

Also, my huge pregnant belly is all anyone wants to discuss with me in person. That can get tedious. I am fine, I feel fine, I eat well, it is not twins or triplets I am just small torso-ed, and no my feet don't hurt if I want to sit down I will and my goodness are those Samoas I will be right back...........

**Edited to add**** When I was 7 months pregnant with Lil'Bug Dearest Husband bought a canoe. It is repaired with duct tape, yet he claims it will never sink by design, etc. This morning HE BOUGHT ANOTHER BOAT. It is too much coincidence to mention that it is almost to the day the same point in this pregnancy as last. This boat has lights and a motor and and and ......yes, fine. He bought another boat. At least this one has no need for duct tape.


  1. gals should come out the next nice day we have...

  2. We would love to! Warm weather is on its way soon, right? :)


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