Saturday, 22 March 2008

Finally, We've Started (and other random thoughts)

We got a storage unit and started packing into bins a few things, like baby (9 months+) clothes and table cloths and the Christmas ornaments we are keeping (anyone local want a really nice, real looking 8 ft fake tree?). We sold the death trap duct taped canoe and we are storing the new boat in the storage unit. Dearest joked today that the new one needs duct tape too. NOT FUNNY.

Already the house is feeling cleared out. I still have 15 cans of paint, but that is way better than what we started out with. I still have to hang some more curtains and pictures here and there. Dust really well. You know, the standard get your house ready to list with an agent stuff. Still, progress is progress.......

I have to decide if we should list the house for sale with an agent before June Bug is born or in July (post recovery from possible C-section). The decision is mine. I will decide once (if) the house is ready. So far, I am leaning towards May instead of July. Bah. We'll see.

We will begin garden planning soon. With the housing market the way it is, chances are we will be here through harvest season. We've decided to do plants instead of seed this year, for ease of planning in May/June.

We found a new pool. The one we go to on the East side is 12$ a person except on Thursdays when it is 2$ a person. Park day is only on Thursday. Lil'Bug wants to swim more often AND we need a park day. So the pool by Nana's house is 2$ a person, has weeknight and weekend swims. It's chlorine, but warm enough and they have a really nice staff. Did I mention it's 3 blocks from Nana's house? Great Grandma is going to love that when she visits!

That's it for today!

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  1. Wow, still 15 cans of paint? That's amazing.

    Sounds like you guys are making progress! I'm planning to have a garden this year, too but I'm totally ignorant of how to go about it. I kill all plants so keep your fingers crossed.

    Don't work too hard, you'll kill more trees when you start sneezing from all that cleaning!

    Happy Day, my friend!


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