Friday, 21 March 2008

First Thing in the Morning

Dearest Husband,

This morning the house was chilly. 42 degrees to be exact. Strangely enough the animals were quiet and did not jump on us to wake us up. We slowly shivered our way through our morning chores but decided to stay in pajamas to keep a bit warmer through breakfast. As we made our way downstairs, Lil'Bug screamed, "Oh no, my Star Kitty, my Moon Puppy! They are gone!"

Indeed, they had escaped (explaining their lack of enthusiastic wake up). Out the wide open, yet dead bolt engaged, front door. In my 7 months pregnant (yes, I am reminding you for dramatic effect) sock feet and pajamas, I run out the door frantically. I soon locate both cat and dog and see that tot is standing in the door contemplating the crazy fun of escaping to play with her animals. I only have two arms, one holding squirming cat and the other gripping the leash of a 50 pound dog.

I somehow manage to think it is all very funny. Lil'Bug says I am a super hero for saving the day. I turn on the heat to start warming the house and a pot of tea to start warming me.

Now, who or what could have caused the door to be locked and yet open? Ah, yes.

Please start making coffee in the morning again. I can't imagine your drive to work was safe.

Mama Podakayne


  1. I am officially ending the experiment of reduced caffeine intake.

    I see that it is for the greater good of all that I caffeinate, and I regret any inconvenience this may have caused.



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