Thursday, 31 May 2007

New NAME, help!

I need a new name for my blog. There are 19 findable other blogs with variations of the same and I won't here the end of it from my family until I get something as unique as we are! While I thrive on the fact that I honor Trin's wife and totally dwell on the little details of life so as not to fry my brain with the statistical evidence that human beings don't exist in an infinite universe, we are sooooo tiny, compared, that we are statistically unlikely, that the name totally suits me....regretfully many, many bloggers are Douglas Adams fans too.

So, any suggestions?

Swamp Fire

Also known as St.Elmo's Fire, is a common occurrence on the bayou. It's pockets of methane gas that spontaneously alight when combined with static electricity. There are many folklores about the origin or spiritual make up of these little fires.

My connection with these are literary. My grandparents told us the myths as bedtime stories, along with tales of Loup Garoux, and the Cat Lady. Something about these little fires spark my imagination and curiosity, and get me thinking about the spiritual connections I have to the beliefs of my grandmother. I knew her better as a young child than I do now, and maybe its too late to get her to re-tell the childhood stories that so shape my writing now.

I found this picture today online. I'm going to write about it (not here) but its still stirring. I think I may need a break from volleying back and forth between the unfinished larger works that are frustrating me right now and do some imagery writing.

Tonight is also a blue moon.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Seven Random Things

Ok, one of the things that's been bugging me today is that none of my favorite bloggers have updated or posted new.
Neither have I. In fact, I have yet to actually write a real entry. Mama B at mylittlesoapbox suggested I try the 7 random things, here goes:

Seven random things (that bug me):

1) People who think they are cars. Yes, we have sidewalks, perfectly good ones that are always cleared of debris and snow....but yet I almost run over at least 30 people while I am driving in and out of my neighborhood because they refuse to use said perfectly good sidewalks. Why? They think they are cars. Beep beep.

2) People who ask for input or ideas when really they don't want input or ideas. What they want is for you to do something for them. I would really rather they just asked directly.

3) Itty bitty parking spaces. I am perfectly between the lines and so is the big SUV on my left....and yet, I cannot open my door and thus load groceries easily, let alone get the cart up to my car.

4) People who take the fact that we homeschool as a personal insult to their own parenting choices. I mean, why is this?

5) Myspace. Specifically, my little sister's myspace page. I won't explain it, it just bugs me. I could link to it, but I'll just leave it to your imagination.

6) The fact that the "beep beep" cart at the grocery store doesn't fit through the checkout lane. I don't feel bad at all about leaving it by the candy/magazine rack for store employees to deal with. I have to deal with groceries and screaming tot who wants to park the darn thing in the middle of the Doritos display.

7) Laundry. It never goes away. It multiplies when you add water and gets really ugly when you feed it after midnight.

Ok, that's it, for now. As you can see, I really need some yummy hazelnut tea, and a deep breath. I'll try and explain the blog title in my next post.