Sunday, 11 December 2011

New Traditions

Real tree. Surprisingly I am not actually allergic to pine trees.  

I got rid of all the plastic balls and pretty for pretty's sake ornaments. I was hesitant because we have cats and little kids. What I kept was anything handmade, glass, or nutcracker themed because I love that ballet a lot. The kids make ornaments in art class and we have plenty besides that. The tree may not be loaded with baubles but it is very pretty.

My brother, Uncle T, brought his beautiful family for a visit. We made Tootalini's and drank lots of coffee. He is just back from Afghanistan and is hanging a soldier ornament. Then of course his wife broke out into song and dance, "Soulja Boy".....cute. And kind of ....well, I hope my girls never get the references in it. Thank you Urban Dictionary. 

Lil'Bug carefully hung each one, on the right side of the bottom of the tree.

I pointed that out. She called me a grinch.  I wore my elf hat, she wore her elf hat. 

Lil'Bug decorated most of the tree. Blueberry Girl crashed early, but when she got up in the morning and every morning since, she says, "Good MORNING CHRISTMAS! GOOD MORNING TREE! HAS SANTA BROUGHT ME A POGO STICK?!" and then she checks. Not yet kiddo.

Cousin J. The artist! 

Watching Annie. The room always gets like this mid afternoon.
Is it just me or is it hard for other people to see their little brothers all grown up?

Speaking of little brothers......Zap is giving his sisters a run for it this week, He bites now. He has two itty bitty teeth on the bottom and he leans over to fake out a kiss.......CHOMP. Giggle giggle. And then he laughs some more.