Friday, 25 March 2011

March Was CRAZY Busy Part 1

I'm not kidding when I say we were so busy that I had no time to blog. Sometimes I had time to take pictures, sometimes I'd get a post started, but most of the time I was so busy with living life to sit down and even relax or breathe deep. Sometimes it was a good busy sometimes it was a nightmare of fevers and crying and anxiety. Anyway, I'll catch you all up this week. I don't think I have ever skipped an entire month since I began blogging!

One of the awesome things that happened was my brother was home on leave and brought his family to the farm! Bonus, my aunt traveled from Texas to meet the new babies and see my brother and she came too!

Uncle T.  and Baby Zap.

Lil'Bug's tea Part-tay.....

My aunt Deedle, my inspiration and idol. She too moved to a farm in her mid thirties with no experience and made a go at it. She is strong willed and unafraid to try new things. Currently, she owns and operates a B&B in Galveston, TX. It's pink, no less.

Aunt Deedle with Baby Zap.

Even Chad got a turn holding Z., but he had to wait. ;)

Yum yum yum, thumbs.

Seriously, EVERYONE wanted a turn holding Zap. 

It was a good visit. :) I hope there are many more.

Blueberry Girls Paints Horses

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Maple Lane

Unfortunately, we may have tapped too late. At least we'll be ready for next year!!!!