Wednesday, 19 March 2008

HAIL and Museum Day

We spent the morning catching up with an old friend at the Historical Museum, messing around (aka learning stuff) in the exhibits, then we attended the local Homeschool Alliance for Iowa Learners (HAIL) meeting. Not too great for attendance but it is a fledgling group that I hope will take off. The only current liaison group is an exclusive Christian one that IMO does not serve or represent all the Iowa homeschoolers. I think that maybe people don't realize right now how much the current pending bills (concerning HSAPS, legal reporting age, and curricula) will affect them in the long run so there is not an immediacy to react. We'll see. I think it is better to have someone representing our interests before the laws get written or changed than to try and force change later. My kid is 3. We don't have to report for another 4 years BUT I can conjecture what impact these laws will have on our options. I am concerned enough to try and do something now.

Anyway, then we went home and played outside. It was in the 50's, but Lil'Bug still wanted her coat. I foiled dinner again. I thought the meat was thawed and Dearest started up the grill- alas, it was frozen hard. So out to dinner (again) we went. I am sick of eating out. Lil'Bug could care less. Food is just a time that she has to stop talking for a bit..... well, sort of. She won the hearts of all who heard the story she told the waitress about how she was friends with her new sister in heaven, but she had a plan to come first to save mommy and be a big sister, but soon they'll be friends again and play. Oh, it was cute.

Tomorrow I am having a paint give away here at our home. I have 70+ containers of interior and 10+ exterior paint. Some are quarts, most are gallons. I would just buy paint over the years when there was a sale or I had an idea for a a room or two and then didn't follow through. We have to clear out the basement (and various corners of the house) and so I am giving it away. The upside is I get to meet a lot of online people from our local Yahoo list. :) Ah, but strangers coming means I have to kick butt cleaning up the place. Bah. I'll get done what I can.

On another front, baby and I are doing great. However, one of our local pregnant mom friends needs our prayers and good thoughts this week. There's not much I can do for her right now but hope for her (and baby) to have a good week.


  1. Tonight was the second night in a row that we ate dinner at 9:00. Last night I was waiting on my husband working late (WAY later than planned, it turned out). Tonight I did my weekly shopping in an overloaded zoo a.k.a. Walmart, and didn't even get home to start dinner until 8:30. Ugh. I'm a bad homemaker.

  2. Oh. My. God. That is an amazing amount of paint for one person to have! I am truly shocked. Frankly, I wish we lived close to one another so I could peruse it myself! LOL

  3. Thanks for thinking about me. I'm in for nonstress testing today. He is still kicking. That is a good sign.

    Sorry I missed the HAIL meeting. I really wanted to be there. I don't plan on using the HSAP at this point, but I respect those that choose to use it and think that they should have that option open to them. I just don't like leaving decisions that will have an impact on my life up to strangers, most of whom know nothing about homeschooling, and none of which know me or my family. I have a voice, and you know I like to use it. ;)


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