Friday, 28 March 2008

Oooh La Doula!

I totally forgot to write out our meeting with our Doula on Tuesday! (I DID SAY WE WERE BUSY!) Yes, Tuesday was the busiest day ever.

It went awesome. We outlined the details of where and when to meet, what things to try, etc. I am working on our birth plan right now and then I will send it to her. Sometimes I get so excited that everything is going so well, thankful for that blessing.

C. is really great. Lil'Bug was chaotic and grumpy from the afternoon, but C. handled it with grace. We even ended up talking about butter making and gardening (which reminds me, I will have to send her my butter making link.....).

So while working on the birth plan, I got a little anxious about our hospital visit. Will it be a battle to have our wishes respected? What about when it comes to baby care? I'm sure I don't want the baby to get the Hep B shot at the hospital (if at all) and I am starting to investigate the need for the Vit K shot as well. Neither my husband nor I have Hep B, and she'll be breastfeeding, so I don't really see the need for it as a tiny newborn. I do know personally a child who got very sick from Hep B so I know it is possible, but it was also a public exposure issue that our newborn won't have.


  1. Denying the hep b at the hospital is pretty easy-you have to sign for it, that's about it. As for Vit K, we decided to go ahead and get it, but as long as the doc and a couple nurses know ahead (as well as your doula being there) it should be fairly easy, as well.

  2. When our daughter was born I refused the Hep B without any problem. A friend of mine allowed her baby to have it and while the consequences weren't serious it did cause a fever, an extra day in the hospital, and lots of unnecessary tests to rule out other causes. Best of Luck!~Sharon


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