Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Tractor Time!

Battle of the tractors!

John Deere 60 with front loader


Ford 8n with mower, snow blade, chains, post hole digger

For general farm like chores, mowing 6 - 10 acres and removing snow on the driveway. I test drove the ford and it's in good condition.

Who wins?


  1. Narrow front tractors tip too easily. Wide fronts are always a preference over narrow.

  2. Chad, are these both narrow front?

  3. no. only the john deere.

  4. My vote right now is for the Ford. It comes with a lot of attachments that we can use on another tractor when we upgrade years from now. The decision to blade or scoop snow is a factor, right Chad?

    Any thoughts on that?

  5. Depending your work load you'd probably want at least 40hp. At least that's what Gramps said when we figured out what we were looking for early this summer.

    We ended up with one with a front loader, mower and blade. But it took a bit of looking and a bit of patience to find the right tractor.

    lastly I've not really a clue on tractors I'm just passing along what I learned from Gramps during our own tractor search :D Good luck on yours!!

  6. The looks like a winner to me. All them accessories sound good, especially if you'd had to buy/get them anyway. In fact, I think it's the same model my G-Pa.woods had out at his house/acrage for many years so it's got my vote twice ;)

    c u all soon.


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