Friday, 17 October 2008

My Husband is Ruining my Crockpot

All I have to say is that I am not being a good sport about this. He's slow cooking a beef tongue for tongue tacos. Ew.

I am trying to be open minded about the whole deal, using every last bit of last years cow before this one's arrives. I cooked liver. It was even a stretch for me to touch liver, let along cook it. But I did it. Yes indeed. I did it. But the thing in my crockpot right now? I covered the whole thing with a towel so I didn't have to see it so raw while I made breakfast. Lil'Bug just may get a trip to the Science Center today so I can escape the thing that must not be cooking but is. The smell is already permeating the whole house as a constant reminder of its presence.

Sure I will be a good sport and try a bite. I might even eat as much as Dearest ate of my latest apple pie. I mean that was just apples, sugar, and flour. Hmph.

You know, I am thinking it may be a good night for a mama coffee break escape too.

I know, I sound whiny. I am sorry. I am grateful we have food, warmth (yay, boiler is on!), and a loving family (even if I am not feeling especially lovey towards dearest right now).


  1. I'm making this . . .

    It has the word 'delicious' built right into the recipe for cripes sake. What could go wrong?


  2. They HAD to put "delicious" into the title just to try and lure the adventurous...... I'm with Mama on this one~EW!!!! :)

    You did notice that there was no photo with that recipe didn't you? I'm thinking that the only points that Chads wins on this one is that he is actually doing the cooking and there's something to be said for that.

    We are definitely going to need a post dinner update!

  3. It will be yummy! I have some funny stories about cow tongue from my childhood. I'll have to laugh about it w/ya sometime. :0

    My Grandma helped raise me. She grew up dirt poor and was a single mom for about years before meeting my grandpa. So she made beef tongue for us a lot. It was a delicacy for her (from Columbia--their dirt poor is different than ours. So is their tastes in acceptable food. Not that cow tongue is not acceptable to some ppl in US.)

    Enough rambles.

    ~Heather B in Iowa

  4. per sharon's request . . .

    another recipe I considered . . . this one has pictures.


  5. My grandma made tongue once for Sunday dinner. It was disgusting. I still remember the smell and looking at the taste buds. Yuck.

    Good for you though for using all of the cow. When we get our cow next month, I'll be sure to save the tongue for you ;)

  6. This is so funny, keep us posted and I'm with Mama P. It would be a REALLY good Starbucks night!!

  7. Sooooo..... did you try it? How was it? I have to admit, I would've tried it- I am fairy open to new things. We need an update!

  8. Well I once read some where that DOGS really do need raw meat... to satisfy their old WILD DOG instincts... or something like that... I bring all that stuff home, freeze it... then every once in a while our old dog gets a treat... and gets that RAW MEAT! LOL Tongue and all.

    I agree, Starbucks sounds good to me.



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