Monday, 27 October 2008

Craptackular Day

Monday morning, boiler has been off all weekend due to leak and unwillingness to pay weekend rates for repair that should have been done LAST WEEK. Freezing bums off. Boiler guys show up. Lilbug decides to melt down and throws her "I can't walk" fit. Blueberry explodapoops all over her one pair of warm jammies (and me and the baby carrier) while above mentioned tot wails and thrashes on the floor because I can't carry her upstairs that very second. Boiler guy needs padlock key, can't find, call Dearest, then found, call Dearest back to tell him coming home is unneccessary.


Continue dealing with screaming tot and poopy baby and obnoxious cat and excited dog and broken boiler questions.

Dearest comes home anyway to give us all hugs. Awesome. Day looking better.

Remember that Lil'Bug's best friend in the whole worlds birthday party was YESTERDAY and we missed it. WE MISSED IT. Lil'Bug doesn't know but I bet across town there is a very sad little girl whose birthday wasn't right and that is breaking my heart. I would call her but I don't have her phone number because of my phone phobia and I sent an email but darn it, how tacky is that? Seriously, an email? I am such a loser. We (the mamas) even made a special effort not to schedule parties on top of each other (since they share a birthday). It was a big deal that they re-scheduled the party so Lil'Bug could come and then I go and forget it. Big fat L on my forhead doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.

Also, shiver. So much for Christmas savings. Happy holidays boiler guys. I know their rate I know price for parts. I am so glad we have savings. I am also thankful that the boiler decided to crap out this year instead of any of the past years that we would not have had savings. Warm is important.

I'm now baking bread and cookies and planning dinner to be something in the oven too and I plan to hover over oven all freaking day long. Why can't I leave? Well, boiler guys need me right here to show me all the things they are charging me for. Shiver. I just went outside to have explained to me that the entire length of pipe on the back section of the house needs to be replaced. Yippee.


Warm Wishes,


  1. Sorry you are having a crummy day. I hope Tuesday is better!

  2. Oh man! Sounds like a rough one for sure. Here's hoping today is much better!!!

  3. Today will be better!!! We had a grumpy day yesterday, but today is better already. Hugs, H


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