Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Follow Follow Follow

I just discovered that I had followers on blogspot. Neat. So then I am attempting to find the follow me button on blogs I love. Is it just a blogspot option? I like that I can publicly let the bloggers I read know without having to comment, because I just don't get around to commenting as much as I read. I tried (remember back in July?) to comment at least once on everyone I read, but I failed. I managed to leave like 10 comments but I read about 50 blogs.

Any way, follow me! :) (The button is in the sidebar).

Also, facebook? I am still chewing over if I like it or not.


  1. I have the follow button on my blog too (down low on the sidebar). I'm listed as one of your followers now. Blogs are the best! I love it them b/c the posts are short and sweet--and usually interesting. Neat to see what ppl are up to!

    ~Heather in Iowa

  2. I LOVE blogs... and I do facebook too. I totally do NOT get twitter...

    I like facebook because I'm finding old friends from HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE... OLD CHURCHES.

    But blogs are still my favorite. Ü I read you all the time on my Google reader -- bet you didn't know that... but I do. I'm not a very good commenter, so I'm glad they've got the "follower" button... just so you know I'm reading. Ü

  3. AND... I clicked on your followers and see some who follow you also follow me. Who knew? I think they are from the IOWA Home school yahoo group which i can't get anymore since I have gmail for my email.

    Hi Jamie! Ü

  4. A. I totally love Facebook now, but I didn't really get it at first. But so many of my friends are on facebook now, and we all talk waaaay more on facebook than we ever have time for in person. I like feeling a little more up to date on my friends.

    B. Jennifer - you totally should still be able to get Yahoo group messages on Gmail. I have not had any problems.

  5. I will follow you better on Facebook than here. I subscribe to mobile Facebook. When you update your status, I will get a mobile notice. =)

    You can also RRS Feed this blog to your Facebook. =)

  6. Jennifer, you can still get that group. You just use the groups only and send it to your gmail. That is what I do. I used to have an email there too. =)

  7. I just became a follower. I'm not usually one to comment either b/c I feel like I should have something witty to say. For awhile I was addicted to Facebook b/c I had fun reconnecting with my old friends. It has lost some of it's luster for me though.

  8. http://www.criticsrant.com/bb/reading_level.aspx

    a person needs to be a genius to understand your blog. LOL. Go to the blog readability page (google it). I only wish I scored that high. :)

    Hope all is well.


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