Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Teaching Meme

I know that being tagged for something shouldn't make me so happy, but it does. It really does. Thank you Heather.

1. I am a good teacher because…I'm not. I have much to learn, but thankfully my student is the best teacher and I'm along for the ride.
2. If I were not a teacher I would be a…A teacher. I'm a college professor in my other life and it is what I wanted to do before Lil'Bug was in the picture.
3. My teaching style is…Right now, it is unschooling. It works for us. Perhaps when she demonstrates a need or desire for structure we will take on what she wants. Right now she learns best by exploring. If I had to name something closer to a method, she's Charlotte Mason leaning.
4. My classroom is…Life. The way we live is not typical, but we do a lot of things that encourage learning and hands on lessons.
5. My lesson plans are…all in my head. There are things day to day that I teach my little one. It takes a bit of common sense and planning to include her.
6. One of my teaching goals…To produce a thoughtful, resourceful child who loves learning as much as I do.
7. The toughest part of teaching is…learning to relax. I am so insecure sometimes and it doesn't take much for a comment to shake my confidence. Then it takes me too long to re-balance my confidence. I need to be the steady one for my Lil'Bug.
8. The thing I love about teaching is…EVERYTHING! I really do. I love engaging Lil'Bug. I also love creating confidence and accomplishment for my college students.
9. A common misconception about teaching is…that it is hard. It's hard work, but its not hard. I give the teaching back to the students and facilitate their learning. Like a surgeon's assistant handing the doc scalpel, string, Hotwheels, iodine, etc.....I am there to anticipate their needs and hand over the tools. You don't need a degree to do that for your own children, though you might for a classroom of strangers and you definitely need expertise (not necessarily schooling) for highly advanced levels.
10. The most important thing I have learned since I started teaching is…to be less judgemental and relaxed. I used to really get my spikes up when someone would say, "I could never do that!" about homeschooling, etc. I would want to say back to them about sending their kid to public school, etc., "I could never do that!" I would say, "It works for us," without really considering that they, too, do what works for them. I need to consider that they have researched their options and know their children well enough to make the decision for their own family. I'm quite sure that the judging we do to each other about everything is not helpful. Every single family does things their own way. If we start the stone throwing and nose holding then the idea of community is next to impossible. What do we teach our kids when we do this? This realization is not just making me a better teacher, but a better person.

I'd like to tag Needleroozer (LB). I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I have a friend that is a college professor, who says she knows homeschooling is for her because she wouldn't be able to reach her daughter on her level (second grade!). She knows she can reach college students.

    People sooooooooooooooo don't get it! And I haven't found the right chisel yet to break through the wrong thinking.

  2. I think admitting that you have a lot to learn makes a person a better teacher. If you reach a point in your life when you stop learning and your students see that, it can have a negative effect on how they see the educational process. We never stop learning. It's just that some of us do it more actively and conciously than others.

  3. I can see that point Christine. I doubt I'd be able to teach Architecture on a 2nd grade level because I'd get lost in the intricacies and overwhelm them. I tried once for a day care group to teach them about the Arch of the neighborhood. I blew it. As long as I am learning right along side Lil'Bug, we'll be ok!

    Heather, I think that's just it. I am glad I went to college. I proud of it, perhaps a little too proud sometimes, but it was hard work. I love being in the classroom, so for me it's either teach or go get a PhD! :) LOL. Alas, a PhD will not make me a better homeschool guide, it would just be for fun.....maybe for wall space decoration. (See, another funny- I do have a sense of humor DH!).

  4. Mama P,
    I just now saw this and will answer this weekend over at the Dragon. (www.greendragonacademy.blogspot.com)
    Gotta go nap now,


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