Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The Finger Paint of Inspiration

I used to paint. A while has passed and I've spent many years channeling all my creative energy into house and house thesis writing. All else fell wayside. An Internet blogger who is beginning her journey has inspired me to pick up my brush and begin teaching myself again. I am posting a picture of the last painting I did before moving to the "house"....it's a finger painting of an iris that I did for the little girls I nannied to show them that finger painting is fun and not babyish.

I took an art class (as in one, ever) in high school my senior year, an AP class. It was the only session that fit my schedule and the teacher took a liking to my weird, disparate (not desperate) persona. Her words. She was the only teacher who ever hugged me. I really needed hugs that year. Also, she was the teacher that I encountered 5 years post high school who encouraged me to pursue teaching as a career......that led me to add two other disciplines to my MA and apply at the local community college to teach. I digress, what I learned from her was that art comes from practice and experience AND passion. Only so much of it is fine motor skills and the rest is chemistry and poetry. So, since I have both of the later right now I am picking up the "brush" again, dipping my fingers into the ink well of creativity.


  1. Ooooohhhh. I love that! I cannot believe this is done with fingerpaints! Thanks for posting this. What fun- we can journey together.

  2. ANy paint can be a finger paint! :) I like the hands on feel of painting that way, more control over blending.

  3. Mama P,
    I came back for another look at the beautiful painting and noticed something. Another thing we have in common- I was a nanny, too. Had to be one of my fave jobs ever!
    I recently ran into one of my fave nanny-kids- he was 17, and noticed me in a crowded room, and yelled, "Hey, that's my nanny!"
    It was great to see him again.
    You and I have a lot in common- it is such a small world!

  4. The youngest of my former kids is now 12. She comes over and helps me sometimes with kid and chores. I told her we timed our Lil'Bug so she'd get the karma back watching her! :) She's a great kid and her parents are two of the best parents and people we've ever met.

    We do have bunches in common. :)


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