Tuesday, 28 August 2007


This morning we attempted a 1 mile walk around a local lake. We got there early but thought we were late. I forgot to pack water bottles and thought geesh, it's 65 degrees out and only a mile....we'll be fine, we'll park by the playground, and end up there in an hour.

Right. As we passed the parking area that we were supposed to have parked at had we gotten the time right, we noticed the now parked there vehicle of one of the moms. Gah. We could see them ahead, but the wind was just right that they could not hear our "yeowing" or see our frantic excited hand waiving.

We ran. We paused. We panted. We walked fast. We paused. We panted. Lil'Bug pointed out that now they were WAAAAAY ahead of us. At some point we could also see them at the playground; we were at the first 1/4 mile marker.

I gave up and sat down. Those of you who know me know that I've been battling the blues lately, the mean blues. I laid down in the grass and looked up at the blue blue sky. Yup. A turkey vulture was circling.

Lil'Bug sat next to me and pointed out the spiderweb on the bridge iron, the turtle swimming just beneath the water's surface, and the really big frogs everywhere.

I miss these things while we are busting ourselves to try and catch up with everyone else. It took us three (YES 3) hours to walk the rest of the way. Turns out it is TWO (2) miles around the lake and the 65 degrees was quickly 95. A kind jogger lady saw us (and likely overheard me telling my sister on the phone) and reported to the park ranger that a small woman and her helpless tot were about to become dehydrated road jerky at mile marker 1.75.

We were soon after driven by golf cart to the nearest water fountain and lectured on being prepared with water bottles. Humph. As we walked back to the car, Lil'Bug saw the playground. I told her if she was too tired to walk there (not carried) then it wasn't safe to play. She took off running. How???? Where do kids get it???? I want some.

While I didn't meet up with my mom friend, the walk, almost killing me, lifted some of those mean blues. I think I can see the forest for the trees now.


  1. We saw the vultures and I had to convince the kids that they were not there for us. Next week we need to plan better.


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