Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Talk to the Hands (the painting ones at least....)

My kid is all about feeling things, texture and all, it doesn't matter if its food, paint, mud, whatever. I thought, "yes, let's paint today WITH her..."

Um, well. She had a blast. Then I was the mean mommy with a dastardly plan! Lil'Bug gets to clean up the mess she made! Herself! Ha ha ha!

This plan totally backfired. While I stepped into the dining room to check on an email thread, she managed to "snail trail" very sudsy soap all over the kitchen floor (I had to clean water rinse 3 times to get the soap residue up- my fault, I added too much dish soap to her bucket). I then spent 36.2 minutes mopping up her cleaning attempt. I got no pictures of this because I stripped her paint clothes off of her and I will never post naked baby pictures here or anywhere, cute as I think she is. I wish I had left her clothed though, because her evil grin after the 2 minute rampage of soap bubbles certainly screamed, "I win!" Gaaaah. These pictures at least show the creative process.....
Oh, and when asked what her picture is of...
"Hands. Mama, what did you think I was painting?"


  1. Well, at least you learned a lesson- at this age it is better to do the clean-up in unison, than to expect a 3 yr old to do it themselves!

    Looks like she had a fantastic time, though!

    Did you paint something, too?

    LB, wishing she could be playing with paints,too- instead of figs and berries and cukes.

  2. By the time I got settled with my paint, Lil'Bug started flinging hers at me. I've got a watercolor abstract started but now it has purple tempera splattered all over it a la Kandinski style.

    Yes. I did lesson learn. Usually I end up doing all the clean up. I thought by empowering her that maybe, just maybe she'd make les mess next time.

    Seriously backfired....



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