Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What is this?

Run down of the things and stuff:

Baby crying for watermelon, mama goes to slice it up to feed baby crying for it. Melon is rotten. Not the worst part, imagine a champaign bottle shaken. Right. The freaking melon EXPLODED when I pierced it with the knife. All. Over. EVERYTHING.

Wasps. Nest over back door.

Ankle deep in pure pig poop.

My boots got left by the back door and then it rained. Also wasps like pink, wet boots.

My purse spilled in the back of the car, then the car door got left open and then it RAINED on everything.

96 degrees. Husband working from home. Laundry all done but in a giant pile waiting to be folded. Can't find anything that doesn't make me look like a back up dancer for MTV Spring Break house party or that is not technically winter clothing. Head to Walmart. Find really cute 100% organic t's on clearance for 3$. Woot. Change in parking lot because daisy duke type dress was really THAT bad. Seriously. Why is something like that in my closet?

8 days until my sisters wedding! Yay! :)

5 days until my favourite aunt comes to visit for my sisters wedding, 7 days until my favourite cousins and 2nd cousins arrive for said wedding as well. 3 days until I paint my living room orange. 2,3446,676,67687678689.....days until I catch up on laundry. Just saying.

Busy busy.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the potential disaster a watermelon holds! That had to be quite the mess.


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