Monday, 15 June 2009

Beets beets, hit that beet

We made a beet and zucchini smoothie today. Think pink. We also put yogurt, mango juice, and frozen strawberries in it. Still not sweet enough.....added ice cream ......perfect. It was all slurrrrrrrped down in about five minutes. Good stuff. Very pink. But very, well, earthy. Ok, fine, there was a very distinct flavour of dirt that we had to add more ice cream to hide. Apparently that's just what beets taste like? I assure you they were thoroughly scrubbed and all dirt was removed prior to being smoothied!

Today we also made cheese noodles, weeded a bit, played with chickens, caught up with mama friends, planned out the week.

The pigs are on the pasture now and look so much happier. They come when they are called and it is so adorable the way they bound and trot.

All in all it was just a very quiet, little day. We needed a day like that. Also, I am sorry I made you cry Aunt Bee. Very very sorry.

My little sister is getting married, yippee! To Aunt Bee: I am so very happy for you. Please ignore my little selfish tantrum. I love you. <3


  1. Beets shouldn't taste like dirt - earthy but sweet. It is kind of a hard flavor to describe. Did you happen to skin them before you smoothied them? The skins aren't that tasty. :P

    I'll have to keep that idea in mind the boys love mango (I hate it) might be a way to get them to eat beets :D

  2. I've always thought that fresh beets tasted like dirt. My grandparents love them and fix them with butter, but it doesn't matter how you fix them for me. the taste is the same. I've had canned, and they are not dirt-like, but metal-like. and beet-y. the beet flavor is definitely acquired, and I haven't gotten it.


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