Saturday, 27 June 2009

Colour My World

For the record, this is what our first house was painted too. I love the blues.

This is the future color palate of the downstairs. Sort of. The cherry is the guest room, the orange is the living room (but we have green and white stripped couches) and the green is for the dining room. The kitchen right now is open to these but won't be once the buffet is restored. The kitchen will be blue and white and yellow.

I got Duration Interior from SW for the living room, 2 gallons for 6$. That is normally 50$ PER gallon. They happened to have the exact color I picked out in their mistint pile? How weird is that. Then the cherry is a mix of a free red and a 3$ wild currant. The green I will have to buy. I'm ok with that.

Any thoughts? Oh and here is a picture of the living room right now:


  1. That is almost the same as what we had in our house except the kitchen was yellow.

    I am on a green kick right now so I'd paint your living room green and the dining room orange.

    I have some fabric that would go beautifully with your new paint colors. There probably isn't enough to cover windows, but there's definitely enough for throw pillows. Let me know if you're interested and I'll make them.

  2. Oh yes, I want to recover the awful floral pillows we have now. I decided on teh orange for the living room because then the hall and dining room could be green, but also the fireplace tile is green and all my sheer curtains are green, plus the stripe of the couches and I didn't want overload in there, you know? Then I can recover the dining chairs with a tie in orange too. Make sense? I love green sooooo much.

  3. It makes perfect sense and it will be wonderful. Let me take a picture of the fabric and see if you like it. I can either give it to you to sew or you can give me your pillows. I'm not sure how many I can recover since the fabric has already been cut, but I would think 2-3.

  4. That house is awesome! I sometimes wish I had your eye for color. Your plan sounds lovely.

  5. Aw, Bobbi, I love the colors you used in your kitchen! So bright!

    I am very much in love with our new house. It is exactly what I wanted and more, plus the farm! Maybe you can visit us with the boys soon?

  6. Beautiful... cannot wait for the new pictures. =)

    We really need to come out, too. It sounds like the perfect place for you all! =D


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