Friday, 26 June 2009

Farm Life

Yesterday I had to take an axe and chop the head off a baby chicken that had gotten into the puppy's run and been injured beyond recovery. The fact that it was still hanging on was a miracle considering its injuries. In fact, I thought it was dead and when it blinked at me when I layed it on the burn barrel I was startled. I don't have a hand hatchet yet so I used the wood ax. I explained what was happening to Lil'Bug and she said, "Don't worry Mama, the chick's name is ToodleBug, like me, and it's already in Heaven." And then in one swift chop, the deed was done and the carnage cleaned up.

This week has just been one of those weeks.

Speaking of feeding pigs, this morning we cleaned up the garden and pulled all the bolted lettuce, spinach, and radish. The pigs will be eating well today. Yum yum. We'll be planting okra in the row we cleaned I think.

Berries are fully in season. We have gooseberry, mullberry, and black raspberry. If you are local and I know you, give me a ring (or email). Sunday and Monday I am opening up the fields pick your own. While you're here bring a fishing pole and pull out 10-20 fish from the pond. I think that's the average catch for a 4 year old around here. LOL.


  1. bad days for me, but I look forward to seeing your place some time.

  2. You go farmer wife!

    Your daughter sounds like a well balanced and creative farm child.

    Enjoy your day,


  3. And this is why I could never live on a farm. Chopping of a head would soooooo not work for me. :)
    I admire you tough woman.


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