Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cold June

This June has been busy but really cold. I got the sweaters back out of storage and tonight we'll have a burning log in the fireplace.

For the past two weeks both babes and I have been sick with various horrible things that included but were not limited to amazingly high fevers, vomiting, diarreah, exhaustion, infected toenail, hives, and sinus infection so bad tear ducts were leaking goo. Knock on wood, we are out of that mess.

I managed to pick about 30 pounds of strawberries in the midst of that. Washed, chopped, and froze them. Then I was too sick and Abby came and filled a 5 gallon bucket of berries because they still had to be picked. If it gets at all sunny or warm in the next few days, I'll do it again. The patch isn't very big, so the production was a bit of a surprise.

Also, Lil'Bug is sick of strawberries. I never thought that was possible. LOL.

I'll be blogging with no pictures for a bit, the MacBook has been sent back. The week we got it they came out with a faster, shinier one that is cheaper. We are exchanging and upgrading. Unfortunate timing? Perhaps. It will all work out.

I've also reached a turning point in our dietary lives. I went to buy my favourite snack crackers, artisan cheddar wheat thins, and looked at the ingredient list. Why can't food be made out of food? The kettle chips we buy, the generic store brand even list salt, potatoes, sunflower oil. That's it. What can't crackers be like that? Grrrrr. I just can't buy stuff that has so much additives added that the actual food ingredients are listed at the bottom.

So that's the latest.


  1. I have an awesome recipe for cheddar crackers, similar to cheese nips. I'll have to send it.

  2. Mmmm...strawberries, farm great is that?

    So sorry illness visited y'all. Be well soon!



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