Friday, 19 December 2008

What our life looks like right now......

Blueberry sat up for the first time from crawling position this week. This photo is of the 3rd time she did it!

So serious, this one.

Our house has been invaded by self multiplying boxes. Which means loads of wild fun for a four year old! Her energy is amazing. She's been helping me pack and bake. I can't believe we take possession of the farm next week and next week is Christmas and then after that I get to see a few friends that I haven't in almost 5 years (or more!). It'll be like a debate team reunion only without Paul.
See? She's up to no good. No good at all.

She's teaching the little one how to make faces at the camera. Good times.

Blueberry is also cutting fangs. Just like her sister, her first teeth will be vampire. Oh how the time flies. Also, the bow is merely a tribute to her amazing hair that, even at 6 inches long, will not lay down. Ha!


  1. Oh my cow, my hair looked JUST like that today! :)

  2. This baby looks exactly like you! Adorable.

  3. Also I like her hair. it reminds me a bit of a senior year haircut prominently featured in homecoming shots.

  4. Such adorable girls! Hope your heat situation is worked out soon, these are some cold days!


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