Friday, 19 December 2008

Swamp Fire in a Bottle

A few years ago I was asked what is in "Cajun" seasoning. The store blends never get it just right they said. This is funny to me since my very Cajun family always uses store blends. My favourite is Slap Ya' Mama. The ingredients are so simple and no MSG. One day we ran out! It was the end of the world until I decided to give making our own a try.

Mmmmmm. So good it's burns. Kosher salt, cracked white pepper, cayenne, granulated garlic, and a wee bit of turbinado. It's not the same ingredient set as SYM, but it is absolutely divine on broiled Iowa chops, steak, chicken, bread, pizza, soup, cheese, salad, my licking get the idea.......

It will be one of our very first add ons.........


  1. I like a smidge of curry in my cajun. Never tried turbinado, but it just *sounds* spicy. I'll have to give it a shot next time.

  2. Turbinado is raw sugar.

    Curry is very much like cajun, almost the same ingredients, but without the salt.....I love curry!

  3. Slap Ya mama is what we use at church for fish fries :o) yum.


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