Friday, 20 February 2009

This is what you can do for your family with your tax return.....

Every year I discuss how we buy organic meat and veggies and garden and and and eat soooo much better than most people we know AND SPEND LESS PER WEEK/MONTH.

Every year I hear people make excuses for not doing the same. Even though it is easy, the money just isn't there in the fall when the meat is ready. And there are shiny new toys to buy when tax returns show up (heck, even I WANT A NEW MAC!) and people end up buying trampolines and computers and stuff (waves hello to those who know I've just outed them!)

This year buy a CSA subscription. Find one here. It is more than likely that the first one you pick will be full and you'll have to get on a waiting list. Don't give up. Keep calling/emailing. Seriously. This year buy your meat in bulk, invest in a deep freeze. That freezer will store food that is left over from the CSA too.

The food you eat turns into you, fuels your body and brain. Local food is yummy fresh, doesn't spoil as easily, and is better (often cheaper) for you PLUS you boost your local economy. Let's not overlook the simple fact that you will spend less money on food overall and then can have more money for toys later.

Do it. For you and for your family. No more excuses. Tax money will be here soon. I know it's not the usual for me to sound preachy, but this is something I really, really care about.


  1. And if you can't preach on your very own blog then where can you? Preach away!

  2. Great encouragment! Thanks "MP", just in time for seed startign in the green house next weekend. We can grow and use more on our lovely corner of paradise. Hmmm... another is waking up to wonderful possibilities


  3. Some context -

    Our pig last year provided 211 pounds of meat and cost $411.91 including the animal, butchering, and delivery to des moines. We eat a lot of iowa chops.

    We also got a 1/2 of beef which provided 271 pounds of meat. We paid a total of $571 for that.

    Consider that while you get a lot of hamburger with a deal like that, you also get a lot of steak. Also having the meat at home means we eat out less.

    We have two chest freezers that house all the meat and our veggies saved from the garden.

  4. Okay, it's our intention to use some of our tax return to do just this. Where should we buy our meat though? We have a couple of thoughts, including Sheeder farm and Wallace farms, but we really need the most bang for our buck. Any thoughts?

  5. Let us not forget the bacon. The glorious bacon, though the chops are a close second :)

  6. I totally agree. We are planning on going in on some meat this year for the freezer. We are pretty covered when it comes to veggies from our own garden in the summer, but hope to up that this year with what we preserve for winter and what we don't have we hope to get almost exclusively from local farmers. We get local raw milk, and are getting chickens hopefully this spring.

  7. Thank you soo much for posting things like this!! All of us locals really appreciate your support. We raise beef. Both grass-fed and corn-fed. Remind me how you found us, and buy a portion of beef and get a discount.

  8. Great post. Yes, I'm considering the freezer. But I have absolutely no idea where to put it. *sigh*

    Thanks for writing this and for reminding the rest of us, of what life could be, if we tried a little harder.


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