Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Chicken Palace

This is the plan: we'll clean out these buildings, construct a run between them, add roosts and nesting boxes, a window or two for light and ventilation and ta da....a chicken palace. The idea was originally Abby's of Life by Sugar Creek, I think.....all my farmer friends have suggested using what we have so we can get the chickens started. This building will be bigger than we need, but easier on both labor and pocket book. 



  1. Wonderful, is what I think!
    You're moving right along. :)

    Here's another thought:
    You've been passed the Lemonade Award (for Great Attitude or Gratitude)if you'd care to keep it and share it. You can find it here.

  2. The chicken houses look great!! And they will be more than happy!!

  3. Just make sure your additions are raccoon proof. :-D
    Also, have a plan for the changing of bedding material. Either make sure you can get a wheel barrow in, or make arrangements to handle it other ways.
    Yay chickens!
    (Oh, I found you off the cloth diaper group, thanks for the pediatric suggestion)


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