Wednesday, 4 February 2009

25 More Random Things, Jr. High style

 Random Things

1) I once made up an imaginary boyfriend. His name was Zeke and he was a 14 year old olympic skiier.  I even wrote letters in his handwriting and showed them to my friends. Stupid.
2) I was a HUGE fan of Dirty Dancing and permed my hair to look like Baby's, tight rolled my jeans and jean shorts, and wore white canvas shoes.
3) I wore blue and green bonnie bell eyeshadow.
4) I kept make up in a Caboodles.
5) I had an ESPRIT bag, but it was a duffle and not a shoulder bag like the cool kids had.
6) I watcher Beverly Hills 90210.
7) I was a fan of Debbie Gibson AND Tiffany. 
8) I mastered the three way call and once had 15 friends from school on at the same time AND also made calls where the 3rd person didn't know there was a 2nd listening in. 
9) I rode my bike around wearing a walkman listening to Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence because a boy I was crushing on liked the band. 
10) I also had a huge crush on the paper boy and waited on the porch everyday for evening delivery. He ended up bringing his kid brother along to throw the paper at our house. 
11) I loved 1950's music and had a sock hop birthday party. 
12) NKOTB...I know what that means and they should not reunion. 
13) Lipgloss
14) Sun in. 
15) I was planning on naming any and all future children Taylor. 
16) Ouji boards freaked me out. I, to this day, have never used one and left the classroom when someone used one as a show and tell.
17) I helped stage a protest about our schools cockroach problem. 
18) I was in lots of school plays. I was a drama nerd. 
19) I died my hair red to look like Tori Amos and a red headed popular girl thought I was trying to look like her stalker style. 
20) I was not a "popular" girl.
21) I was in Amnesty International. The host teacher was soooooo cool. She invited me to go out of state to a u2 concert (maybe out of country?) and my parents (rightly, maybe) got really freaked out about it.
22) I was a huge u2 fan, I accidentally got Joshua Tree at a garage sale inside another cassette tape case and I was hooked. It rocked my world.
23) My appendix burst in the midst of a very turbulent family drama and I ended up spending 3 months on my aunt's cattle ranch to recover. I mucked out chicken houses and worked a Ren Faire, took long walks in the back woods listening to Joshua Tree on the walkman. It was that summer that I became a spiritual person.
24) I used this stinky white face cream in a tub to mask and wash my face. I don't remember what it was called but once I forgot to wash it off and everyone at the bus stop got a good laugh.
25) I was in a 1950's band and we practiced in my attic. I even called a Chicago diner to book a gig. Oh yeah, they laughed at me. 

So, that was fun. Now I am sick of memes though. Look for an actual update with photos later today.


  1. wow, we were very similar people in jr high.

  2. dude, i still have makeup (new) in my caboodle. that plastic is sturdy.


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