Wednesday, 4 May 2011

More Baby Pictures and a story

Today was a crappy day. I was on the phone with the bank when Blueberry Girl stripped down and pooped on the couch. I was cleaning that when someone knocked on the door delivering frustrating news. Dealing with that when I missed a call from Isaac's doctor. I left the meat on the counter to thaw yesterday the forgot about it and found it today spoiled. The cats decided to decorate the back step with their gift (a dead muskrat)....and it kept on like this. Then a friend visited and that was nice. When Chad come home though and it was time to run Lil'Bug to church for youth group, I was fried. Chad said Poppy looked like she was in labour and I jumped at the chance to take a walk and check on her. 

I grabbed my camera.

She greeted me and I pet her nose. I asked her if it was really time and she turned around and showed me her backside. Then she laid down.....

Then I got to see something I've never seen before live. 

 That's right. Not even one of my three children. Yes, that makes me really sad when I think about it.

I was a little scared at first. The lamb was just laying there. Then Poppy started licking her face.

And soon she was up and nursing.  And wobbling around. No name yet.

Poppy is the matriarch of our flock. She's not the oldest but she's an aggressive eater and leader.

And she's a really good mama. We have 4 ewe lambs now. 3 of them are white with masks and spots.

Baby Pictures

Cream Puff brought me her lamb, Miss Nickle, for photo. So proud!

Here's the princess and her maaaaaaaa.

Surprise! Twins! This is Flurry and her lambs Cardigan (the black lamb) and we haven't named the little white ewe.

She's not all white, She has the mask! These lambs are little!
More updates soon.....

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

So Does This Mean My Brother Can Come Home Now?


I was just noticing that these last few days there has been a lot of chatter on facebook but not so much on the blogs I read. Not even the ones I expected to have something to say about it.

Bin Laden is dead. Seal Team 6 killed him.

This happened in Pakistan, just over the border from Afgahnistan where my baby brother is deployed. Spring is the most dangerous time he said.

So now what? More death and more violence and more rebuilding and more celebrating and more...?
He wrote this on his wall today,
"The human condition is far too complicated for any one world view or over simplified answer. there is nothing that is always the answer not love not hate not pacifism not violence. Any emotion can be positive or negative if felt for the right reason. The belief that any feeling is inhearently bad is the real problem. All of our emotions exist for a reason and this includes hate and fear."
My prayers lately are for him to come home to his wife and daughter and Iowa, but I also know he is doing a lot of good helping rebuild the region he is stationed in. That good will spread. 

So while some people may be celebrating and others mourning and even others astonished at the celebration and more scared, all of these are a valid reaction and have a personal meaning. All are authentic. In thinking about this today, I had a moment of silence for all of the death that has happened around the world, all the loss, all the rebirth that will come of it. I'm hopeful that the world my children inherit will be one of peace and health. I hope the same for Bin Laden's children. 

This I do know. I do know that we are a very blessed and privilaged America. I know that food is plentiful and my children have so many toys that they have to sometimes bag them up for charity to make room for more. I hope that they will always have enough to keep them warm. I know that on the other side of the world there are families who live, actually sleep, on top of municipal trash heaps. The freedom my brother fights for is one of comfort and security and he's fighting not only for us to keep ours but for others to be lifted out of poverty and suffering and into that freedom. Yes, there is suffereing and poverty right here in Iowa too, but there is at least a chance that folks can pull out of it. We don't have to worry about roadside bombs while heading to the gas station or to the grocery store. The world is getting smaller though and each time it shrinks, it pulls all the good and bad closer together. 

Just rambling thoughts here as I ingest all of the news. I know, it's not like me to ramble blogside.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Our Day in Pictures, minus cleaning toilets....but we did that too.