Monday, 11 April 2011

Menu Plan for the Week

Here's Our menu plan for the week, with notations for leftovers and lunches. I think I will start making Chad breakfast too since I have to get up with him anyway to move Rosie.

Monday: Roasted Chicken, mashed potatoes, brussle sprouts
lunch and breakfast: Cheese noodles with chopped ham, oatmeal

Tuesday: Chicken Potpie with vegetable medley
lunch for Chad: chicken and bean handpies with mexican cheese blend
lunch/breakfast: Ponyo noodles with mushroom/eggs and toast

Wednesday: Pulled Pork sandwiches with pumpkin soup
lunch for Chad: pot pie
lunch here: veggies and dip with bacon
breakfast: eggs and bacon

Thursday on the Go:
Breakfast Eggs and Bacon
Lunch: Ham, veggies, cheese, crackers up as a family and decide. Maybe homemade pizza since I'll have it all ready to assemble
IF Chad works from home then we'll have steaks.

Friday: Baked Salmon- never made this before, thinking and augratin side dish and green beans.
Lunch: Almond Butter and peach jam "tacos"....unless we have guests. In that case we'll make veggie stir fry and Ponyo Noodles with beef broth and ham and boiled eggs.
Breakfast: Eggs and Salsa and Biscuits and Gravy

Saturday: HUGE work day at the farm. If the weather is nice, Iowa Chops on the grill, home fries, and mushroom and veggie kabobs.
Breakfast: Pancakes and eggs
lunch, on the go

All is subject to change, btw


  1. Your menu sounds great! Are handpies like little half moon pies? Those sound so good for lunches. And I've heard of pumpkin soup, but I've never tried it. Salmon is my favorite fish. I usually broil it with a maple-mustard-glaze. Super yummy!

  2. Ok, Chicken potpie is out since I roasted the rooster last night by accident. Meat is not good for pot pie. Hmmmm.....thinking thinking.


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