Friday, 8 April 2011

March Was CRAZY Busy Part 4, NLE

Our booth at the Natural Living Expo.  
Grampa with Baby Zap, maybe he's explaining why babies are not an item for the recycle bin?
We decided to spend our small bit of money for marketing on a booth at this expo. First, I've been attending this expo as a consumer since year 1 and second, what an amazing idea Tanya had way back when to get all these local businesses together under one expo and connect people! She doesn't run it anymore, but still, I am glad someone is carrying on the torch and keeping this event going. One of the things I love about Des Moines and Iowa is all the people with good ideas and motivation to make things happen AND the temperament to keep the ball rolling even when it becomes someone else's turn with that ball.  :) I really liked working with these folks and the expo was busy both days with local musicians, classes, and constant foot traffic to our booth. Bonus, I met several other farmers who are doing the same thing we are and we got to talk shop.


  1. Hey, Danelle, as I'm sure you know, the first Expo was held by ICAN and was actually my idea, and was beautifully put into practice by Lisa, Kelly, Louisa, myself, and several others from the ICAN board that year.

  2. Well, good job! I suppose you don't get nearly enough credit for all that you do Sarah! Tanya was on that ICAN board too, right? I just want to get my credit straight.

  3. What a uniquely passive aggressive way you've discovered to trash talk the people doing it now. It's really not like you to do that in public, though it is very like you to get angry in self righteous way on the internet.

    I found examples of 'natural living' expos going back at least 34 years, so claiming 'it was my idea' is kind of petty at this stage, not to mention factually questionable.

  4. No insult was intended to the current organizers at all, and if any was implied, I sincerely apologize. I think Chadden has a great vision for the event and its future. I'm sorry to have inspired so much anger, Chad.

    Danelle, no, Tanya was not involved on the ICAN Board that year, nor with the event planning.


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