Wednesday, 6 April 2011

March Was CRAZY Busy Part 2

My gorgeous and very talented sister in law Aunt J. Not only does she play the piano, but she is a master of its construction. I had a pedal that never worked and a few keys sticking. I blamed the girls dancing on it last week and I was wrong! Turns out that pianos need to be regularly opened and vacuumed out. It's on the yearly cleaning task list now. 

Very dusty. Some of the keys were broken too, on the inside where I never looked. A little bit of super glue and a lot of cleaning fixed all of that.

The heart and guts of the instrument. Of course this fascinated Blueberry Girl and she couldn't and wouldn't keep her hands off things. She ended up tearing some of the felt off of parts. 
I loved that my SIL did this for us.  It didn't take long and made a huge difference in how the girls treat the piano and how they play it now. Love love love love. (Four loves in honour of my little bro's childhood obsession with the number four....;)....)

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