Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New Additions to the Farm!

Dolly - Dark brown and white female, registered, mother of Stormy.  Not extremely approachable but tolerates shearing.

Blizzard - a white unregistered full Icelandic wether, well tempered, probably also about 4-5 years old.

Flurry - a cinnamon (phaeomelanin) coloured unregistered Icelandic ewe with a poor bite (her teeth don't match up to her upper palate) but she had a lamb with no mouth problems.  She is 3-4 years old.

Or a handful of sheep and a llama. There are eight sheep. I think. They wouldn't pose for a picture all together, but there are 5 all white sheep and 3 coloured ones. We are still learning about these sheep, as individuals and as breeds. Learn as we go!

The llama let me hand feed her until the girls came up to the fence. She did not like Blueberry Girl especially or our dog. She didn't seem to mind Lil'Bug though. I fed them some grain from my hand and we petted them.

Poppy - a great mother - Rambouillet/Suffolk/Dorset mix ewe - I think also about 4-5 years old.  Mixed colours of black and white. I think. I still need to confirm with Claire!
 Grampa loading the sheep last night! We love that this is a whole FAMILY operation. I think, and this is really just a guess, that he might like the sheep better than the pigs. :)


  1. So so happy to see them all at your farm. They will love all that grass in the pasture! I will be watching for updates on them. I'm so glad that Dolly let you eat out of her hand. I've been giving them some grain lately to give them extra winter weight and so they have been having more personal time lately, which helps. The more you interact with them (patiently and slowly), the better they respond! Poppy is the one in the last photo as you said, and she is a pig in disguise. She is the one with the feet up on the fence when she sees anyone coming...."Gee, do you have treats for me?" she says. She is very good for petting and hugging!

  2. Poppy was born on our farm, 3/29/08, so she's a younger girl than you thought!

  3. Ohhh... I love it! The pictures and details are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing. My Prince hasn't consented to more critters yet, so I really enjoy getting a peek of what others are able to do on their places.
    Happy farmin

  4. So glad that Mike cleared up Poppy's birth date! I did not have it written down anywhere - I just had notes on having acquired her in fall of 2008, and she was so big by then, I didn't realize she was a lamb from that year! Wow! She's such a sweet sheep too!


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