Saturday, 6 November 2010

My Girls on Halloween

Lil'Bug wanted to be a ghost bride for Halloween. This required make-up (not flour, she said). I am not good at make up of any kind, but I did my best. She also wanted sparkle in her hair, which is still there a week later.

Blueberry Girl wanted to be a fairy like Tinkerbell but not Tinkerbell. So she picked out this orange petticoat ensemble, plus orange wings (not pictured) and when we got home she dug the main dress out of the dress up box. Some days she is still a little baby, and some days is so grown up.

Sometimes I forget. I forget what it was like to be a kid and have such imagination, that kids are able to envision and put together projects with both needed material and things on hand. Halloween is fun like that, but really my girls do this everyday. When left unrestrained, boredom quickly necessitates creativity, especially if kids are given access to materials. If they aren't, even then they improvise (um, flour?).

I love my girls. I love that I learn right along with them.

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