Thursday, 4 November 2010

Baby is almost here.

This pregnancy is blessed/cursed with false positives on routine tests. At first it freaked me out. Now I don't worry.

Tuesday was no different. Higher than normal for me blood pressure (still normal for most people) and protein in urine test. So I was put on modified bed rest and retesting Friday. No big deal. I was sick Sunday and Monday so I probably got dehydrated or some such. Why worry? If the doc was worried, I'd have been admitted or retested Wednesday.

Saturday I hit the medical files benchmark of 38 weeks. In my book its still just 37. Either way, I am good to go. Bags are packed. House is not clean (thank you modified bed rest!) but it's not terrible yet. I'll give the girls a few more days before it's designated totally destroyed (or you know, access to the pantry.)....Lily has been a huge help, she brought in groceries and put them away and THEN filled the firebox for me. She's also been in charge of Holly when I can't get up or fall asleep.

Clothes are washed. Almost put away. Need to pay bills and update grades. I think I'll do that tonight. I am glad not to have predromal labour this time. Just saying.

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