Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fire on the Road

One of the interesting things we encountered last month that really marked a stark difference between our former home and our farm life was this fire.

If this had been in the city, a 911 call would have been immediate. In the country people burn scrap wood and ditches and fields and their trash. However, they don't typically do that in the road. so I hesitated before I called the sheriff and asked about it. It was a round bale on fire.

Another stark difference was that the dispatcher didn't make fun of me. Living in the urban area we did, I called 911 for vandalism, car wrecks, burglaries in progress, fires, etc. Every single time either the dispatcher and/or the responding officer mocked me. "What did you expect living in a ghetto/this neighborhood/ect." It is no wonder that the area is still considered "bad".  Anyway, this time she was polite, I asked questions, and she sent someone to check it out. She promised me that if I was overreacting that she's send someone up to explain it to me. No one came, they actually spread the fire out and watched it until it was out. It is a volunteer fire department too. 

There are so many differences we are encountering out here. 

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