Thursday, 10 July 2014


Today was kind of a go with the flow what else can go wrong lets make the best of it kind of day.

First, I forgot the actual dates of VBS. Thought it was next week. Nope.

So, then we managed to make it to today's only to have the truck break down right in front of the church. Seriously.

I got it started and drove the 5 blocks to the local mechanic.

Only to realise that he had not yet fixed the leak on my other vehicle.

No problem. We'll walk down to the square and eat and go to the library and take care of passport paperwork.

Only. It. Was. A. Mile. Or. More. To. Walk.

Three kids, one who is not a great walker for long distances because of hypotonia, no baby carrier or stroller, my work backpack and camera gear, and Lily's art bag from the truck. We walked. And walked. And walked.

Got to the courthouse and the square. Cool.

No cool? My drivers license* will take 10 days to three weeks in the mail and without the hard plastic copy, no passport application is valid. BUGGER. So did that.

*It seems that for about 16 years I have had and renewed a technically illegal drivers license. Not kidding. I've flown. I've bought and sold property. I worked for the State of Iowa. All the time, my license was incorrect and no one, not even me, took notice. Until now. Of course.

So, finish up there and head to Lindy's. Find cute stuff. Forget that what I buy I have to carry. Add to load.

On to get an early lunch while we wait for Chad (2 more hours to go). Complication. Dining room is closed for cleaning and the bar tables are not safe for Isaac. Wait for lower table.

And wait.

And wait.

Run into local babywearing/homeschooling mama friend. Chat while kids start to bite each others' arms. (Internally sob.....)

Finally, food. Then they offer to move us to a back table where there is a charger, but Isaac is getting wound up.

Instead we head to the park 4 blocks away. Full charge on laptop, charging my phone, hot spot= blogging.

That's not quite the end of my day. Still, the kids are fed, really well exercised, and still in a pretty good mood. I'll have pig chores to do when I get home and that will suck, but still, could be worse.

I think, today is a good day to go to bed early, read a book before that, and just be thankful that it was nice out and not 100+ degrees or raining. Thankful that I have a life partner on his way with a working car. Thankful that through the ordeal of today's events I could stay connected to so many people who offered to come get us and expressed concern or just commiserated. Feeling loved, feeling appreciated.

That's where we are at folks, playing in a park on a gorgeous summer day, sweet wind dancing in our hair, laughing, playing. Not a bad day after all.

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