Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Iced Coffee and Sibling Rilvalry

Iced coffee, maple syrup, real whole milk. This is how I spend my summer afternoons: writing, playing, cleaning, and creating. Taking care of farm chores, taking care of farm business, and making our way through the work.

Holly has informed me that chores go faster if we sing. So we sing.

Lily has informed me that such singing is painfully annoying, so of course Holly sings LOUDER.

Issac thinks the ensuing brawl is hilarious and he jumps onto the pile of fighting girls.

And rinse, repeat.

The other things we have found this summer:  Holly is suddenly into art. She has always hated it before, but now she sits at the dining room table every time the TV is on and draws, works clay, or builds with legos. She also does not see a problem with mixing medias. This morning she had modelling clay holding together magnets, legos, and plastic toys. It was so cool. Lily broke down though, mixing medias is "ruining everything". We had a good long talk about encouraging others, thinking outside the rules, and why she was feeling so threatened by Holly's rather sudden artistic creativity.

I get it. I really do. Lily has her identity wrapped up in being the artist and Holly is the dancer. What if Holly is good at art too? We'll be working though some of these feelings for a while I predict.

County fair is coming up. We will be working on finishing up Lily's project this week.

And that's about all for today!

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