Friday, 4 April 2014

Finally, Rain

This endless winter is killing me, said Lily.
This endless winter is killing us all, sweet child, I replied.

The storms that rolled in were so welcomed that we sobbed more tears than it poured from the sky. We danced. We fell down in the 25 mile an hour winds with 40 mph gusts. Geesh.

Still. Winter is on her way out.

I have been sick. A lingering sick, tired, and grouchy. Spring fever maybe? Every time I opened my computer to write, what I wanted to write wouldn't come out. Other things did instead. Poems mostly. A few brief interactions with friends too.

I need warm weather to come back. I bought summer shirts at the local thrift shop and as I arrived home at the farm it snowed. It freaking snowed.

So, I close my eyes and dream of sweet tea, sweaty days working in the garden, berry picking, and sunshine picnics. I need summer.

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