Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christmas Week in Review part 3...Christmas Day

Going to church for the Christmas Eve services. All dressed up.

My Blueberry Girl's hair, all princessed up. It was what she picked out. Totally tangle free, that was OUR holiday blessing. :)

She was quite proud of how lovely she looked. Quite loud about it too.

Santa brought them each a formal princess gown. Happiest. Girls. Ever.

Sweet, sweet childhood.

Baby Zap was just happy to be cuddled.

I love best how they share and help each other. I tell them being a princess is more about how kind and generous and grace giving one is than it is about the taffeta and lace.....

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  1. Pamela in Monroe, WA17 January 2011 at 19:15

    How lovely. I especially loved how baby just wanted to be cuddled and the blessing of a tangle free "do".

    Your older daughters "gown" is especially lovely!

    Thanks for sharing.



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