Sunday, 2 January 2011

Christmas Week in Review part 1...Christmas Eve Day

Our tree, the girls and Chad picked it out, brought it home, and decorated it.  Lily thought it was funny that when they went to pick out the live tree, because someone forgot their coat, they just bought a pre-cut one?).

Early that day, Nala (Lily's kitten) made her way into the walls.

This is how she got in.

Just big enough for a hand to reach in and grab a cat head. She was pretty sick when we got her out, but she's on the mend.

This is what it looked like AFTER the cat was extracted. Wow. All the years of house construnction and deconstruction and demolition all culminated in THIS. And all of this was in the middle of cleaning for Christmas company. Seriously.  

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  1. Pam in Monroe, WA17 January 2011 at 19:53

    Good thing they're so cute....
    makes it easier to forgive their adventures.


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