Thursday, 7 January 2010

Winter Bliss

Winter means digging through the summer harvest and making things with STRAWBERRIES! This is a pineapple upsidedown cake that I used strawberries for the pineapple. I was not sorry that I did, it was amazing. I will post the recipe soon.

Winter means Lil'Bug getting frustrated that baby Blueberry keeps getting into everything and then Mama insists on taking oodles of pictures.


And finally, winter means that everyone gets cabin fever so very terrible that they volunteer to clean the play area. Playing with vacuums is a lot of fun kids! If I could add a soundtrack to the pictures I would, the kids were boogie-ing to Havalina Rail Company's Grass Roots and exclaiming, "Jesus come and take me home!" with an accordion and fiddle playing. Sometimes Lil'Bug will request, "some of that accordion love!"

Speaking of, we got our fiddles but the snowstorm may prevent us from trekking northward to our first lesson tonight as Dearest took the truck and I am on pipe duty- not to mention the windchills are -35 or something. Despite the cold, we are holding up well, the vistas are breathtakingly beautiful, and we are patiently waiting for Spring. I've got some new projects rattling around in my head thanks to E. at MamasMelodrama and the Simply Food blog is really taking root too. Winter is a necessary season and we'll all be more ready for Spring because of it.

Still, I miss my mama friends both near and far.


  1. The cake looks yummy! My Grandma used to make it! I remember those days of vacuuming for fun in winter. I used to let them help me clean with baking soda and diluted vinegar. They loved it!

  2. really cute. I have pics of me at 3 or 4 vacuming in my robe at the Greeley house. Little helpers are awesome. Can't wait until I have adorable children to take tons of pics of.

    Love you!!!

  3. LOVE the cake picture ~ thanks so much for sharing.

    The girls offer such sweet reminders of how fun vacuuming can be. Can I go home and vacuum now?:)

    Create a great day, stay warm, Spring is coming!



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