Friday, 29 January 2010

Foggy Day, Foggy Mind


Our days have been icy and foggy. We had a hoar frost and I missed photographing it. We had everything coated with an inch of ice and I missed photographing it. So, today when the fog rolled in so thick that Lil'Bug thought we were in the clouds of heaven I ran out to try and snap a memento. Fog, however is a tricky subject to capture. I did my best. I think I prefer my view from the inside.

 My mind lately has been full of ideas and regrets and contemplation. I've tried to meditate to slow things down a bit and gain some clarity, tried to talk things out with friends to process and sieve, but to no avail. Then we had no Internet for a week. My fault entirely- I used up ALL of our allotted whatevers watching BBC comedies, in their entire runs (you know, like 6 seasons.....). We'll be back up soon. Until then I have used the free wifi at the local Pizza Hut parking lot, a local coffee shop, some random person's unsecured signal in Sherman Hill....ugh.  

Being without Internet has brought me to the conclusion that I waste a lot of time on the Internet. Not in quantity but rather in how it breaks up my day and steals from my creativity. If I need a recipe, I just look one up. Music, just turn on Pandora. Need a contact? Just google the yellow pages? A question answered, again just google it. In some ways this should free up my day to do other things, time saved would be put to good use, right?  But instead it allows my easily distracted brain and thought pattern to wander online, check emails, update facebook, pause longingly at blogspot feeling guilty about not updating my blog.......start another draft to add to the 45 drafts I have lingering there, IM with Aunt Bee for a while......look up a book on Amazon that I can't justify spending the money on......look up bank account status to verify that......and suddenly 2 hours are lost and the dishes have piled up and the girls are fighting and dinner needs to be made and maybe the pipes have frozen.

I am tired of winter. I am tired of being sore and cold. I am tired of ice, freezing pipes, propane bills, shoveling snow at the house in DM and getting fined anyway. I am sick of  car problems and furnace problems and everything else that has gone wrong this winter. I want and need sunshine. I dreamed of warm sun shine on my skin last night. Soaking in the vitamin D. Eating spinach and strawberries and Reichart's Dairy-air feta cheese.

Maybe I am just getting older.

So....all of the frozen-ness has got me out there with a mental ice chipper trying to break free. I have a couple things that I have decided to actually complete before moving on- like my novel that is a couple chapters short and the submission folder in my office drawer will get returned as requested. I have a couple of volunteers to read and edit and the feedback has already been amazingly helpful. I really feel like I need to get these things done and out of the drawer to be able to move on.

So this week has actually been really good even if we are just now cutting through the fog and breaking ice dams.

Oh and also here are some random pictures from our week for Grandpa who is starting his new job really far away!


Blueberry loves to help me cook and to steal my tea. 

We had a chicken get locked out of the hen house, actually maybe two or three did, but I found this one and brought her in. I thought she was frozen and dead and then she blinked at me. She stayed in for a couple days and the girls cared for her and then brought her back out. The other two were attacked by dogs and killed. I am really sad about one of them, as it was Rainbow, one of the gentler Americauna hens.


  1. Congrats on your novel! I wish you much luck!!! And I hope winter is over soon, for everyone's sanity.

  2. We're right there with you! This has been a hard winter and I am ready to break out of the fog. I'm ready to feel dirt and let my kids run in the grass! I'm sorry things have been so tough and hope to see more of you as the weather improves.

  3. Ohhh....super winter...yep, last year here in the NW was so difficult. Hang in there. We were rewarded with an AMAZING Spring and Summer. May you attract a similar conclusion:)!!

    LOVE the picture of the dining room over the table and thru the drapes....lovely!

    Thanks for sharing



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