Monday, 28 December 2015


This is my new garden. Part of it. The orchards are up field by the driveway. The greenhouse is behind me in the middle picture. Chicken house is off set too. I'm testing soil this week and drawing lay outs. Cross referencing varieties with zones and planting recommendations.

Y'all. I can grow bananas here. Bananas. I need to get more strawberries planted in the straw beds. Sugar cane cuttings coming soon. Snap peas are going in this week, bush beans next, and tomato seedlings in the greenhouse. Jennifer gifted me a bulk bag of carrot seed too. I love carrots. Oh, and the eggplants are still going strong, the full sized tomato plants have flowers on them for the next crop already, and we are still harvesting peppers. I'm going to dedicate a space to kitchen herbs too.

I have to work early in the morning because of the heat (highs in the 70's) and the heavy lifting. I'm a bit out of shape from not farming or doing that kind of chore work since May and I wear out after about 4 hours. The rain is pretty consistent so far too, everyday.

The folks here want an edible food forest and to protect the marsh that the property runs to.

A shared workspace also means that each project has to be completed and clean up after daily. I think that's my favorite part. Seriously. All tools cleaned and put away, trash picked up, and everything tidy. Love.

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