Thursday, 12 July 2012

4th of July and Summer Fun

Scootin, scootin. Zap figured out how to mount his car and make it scoot.  Working on turns, has forward and back down. So so adorable!


Favourite food, always. It is Blueberry Girl's forever perfect food.  She needs nothing else. She also informed us that rhinoceros EAT children. Oh my, to be four.....

We have a new dock. 3 years after falling through it to my hip and numerous cobbled repairs, we decided to fix the darn thing.
Oh yeah. Zap is a fan of watermelon too. He ate his weight in it.

Look at that perfect decking. It is super supported underneath too.

Most of the pond was thick with algea last week. We finally decided to stop waiting for mother nature and treat it with copper.

Much better after just 3 days.

Our new fire pit. Now we need to make good seating around it.

FISHING! The fishing is super good at our pond, especially for kids. Our sweet princess pole catches the BIGGEST catfish.
So we have to finish rehabbing the shelter and tables, but the picnic area is almost ready. It is very under used and offering it for free camping to friends has not helped. We are thinking of setting up a campsite and charging, maybe that will get people to realize how lovely it is to camp without drunken strangers a campsite away. I really love private camping, public campgrounds freak me out. Anyway, that's what we have going on.

Oh wait, there's more. I'll save that big announcement for later though!

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